Boost your brand with gamification

We help you engage your audience and build loyalty through fun and interactive experiences.


Consumers are 56% more likely to click a gamified ad over a normal static ad.

Source: Yougov, November 2021

of internet users are already playing games on their mobiles or computers.

Source:, 2022-2023

Gamification campaign CTR are 4.8x higher​ than that of a static one.

Source: average of case studies, 2022

The average engagement length is 60s per gameplay.​

Source: average of case studies, 2022

Fun, everywhere

No matter your goal.

Events & Tradeshows

Drive foot traffic and increase lead generation by turning your kiosk into an interactive and enjoyable experience.

New product launch

From virtual rewards and competitions to custom-designed leaderboards, we have the tools you need to make your launch a success.

Corporate training

Engage, motivate and retain your employees with fun challenges that are tailored to your corporate culture.

Illustration d'un homme avec un cube dans les mains tentant de l'insérer à sa place

Level up your marketing

A vast array of possibilities.

Tips and tricks

What we do

A comprehensive offer.

Illustration d'une femme avec 4 bras tenant dans chacune une feuille un mobile un ordinateur

Game design & development

Custom interactive experiences tailored specifically to your marketing campaign objectives.

Web design & development

Modern and highly responsive websites that give your game the perfect showcase it needs.

Marketing support

Tailored strategies and actionable insights to ensure that your campaigns are successful.

Make your next marketing campaign count

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Meet the founders.

Jalal Eddine Choukri
Jal Choukri
Co-founder/Creative director
Othman Ouaiss
Othman Ouaiss
Co-founder/Account Director

Meet the founders.

We're hiring!
Jalal Eddine Choukri Othman Ouaiss fondateurs Clixup Inc Montréal

Jal Choukri


Othman Ouaiss


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